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​​This firm line of bedding is suitable for both children and adults. It provides bedding at a very reasonable cost. This is considered and economical mattress and semi-flex base. Available in standard sizes only.

5 year warranty

Comfort Rest

The Comfort Rest mattresses are a very popular line of two-sided bedding. These sleep sets are very plush and comfortable. They are economically priced for any budget. We recommend this line for your basic needs.
This is considered a good grade mattress and boxspring. Available in all sizes only.
​10 year warranty.

Rest of Your Life Luxury Firm

Correct support is essential for a good night’s sleep for a person with back problems. Our luxury firm line, available in all sizes, supports a body at all points, while giving a choice of surface comfort to ease any specific back problems a person may have. This is considered a premium mattress and box spring for persons seeking a firmer feel.

20 year limited warranty.


Pillow – Rest Deluxe Firm

Without a doubt, our most elegant and luxurious line of innerspring bedding. This anniversary special mattress retains its shape and feel for years. This high density cushioning also creates a comfort layer that conforms to your body contour, decreasing pressure where it’s not wanted and applying it where it is needed. This anniversary mattress line has been tested and is proclaimed, “the most comfortable and longest lasting mattress on the market today.” It is available in all standard and custom sizes, as well as three levels of firmness. This is considered our most luxurious sleep set. 20 year limited warranty.