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Best Mattress For Your Boat or RV

Sleeping on your boat or in your RV can be a fun and luxurious experience, but only if you have the right mattress. Though most mattresses on these vehicles are notorious for being thin and uncomfortable, it’s now possible to have a comfortable and supportive mattress on board. And no, you don’t have to bring your mattress from home!

More and more companies are making a bigger effort to create boat or RV mattresses made out of newer, more specialized materials. This makes these mattresses more comfortable and supportive to you, while still being compact and sustainable in a vehicle environment. But what makes the best kind of mattress for your boat or RV? Here are some qualities to consider before you make your final purchase:

  • Material. The material of your mattress plays a huge role in the comfort and support level that you get. There are typically 3 main materials that most people use when choosing a mattress for a boat or RV, including:

    • Latex: Latex is a great and comfortable mattress material that is both supportive and hypoallergenic. It is also mold and mildew resistant and extremely durable.

    • Poly Foam Laminate: If you’re looking for a customizable option, then poly foam laminate is an excellent choice. It can be customized to comfort level, shape, and size, so it can fit not only into your vehicle but also into your sleeping needs.

    • Innerspring : A commonly used mattress type. Coil mattresses are great for people who need a different type of support while sleeping. They can also be customized to your comfort level and can fit into most shapes and sizes.

  • Size and Shape. Consider the size and shape of the mattress you need in your vehicle. Some RVs and boats have beds in unusual shapes, so you’ll need to pick a mattress that can be made into that shape. Sometimes a coil mattress isn’t the best option, as its thickness makes it hard to conform to different shapes.

  • Environment. The environment that your mattress is in is extremely important, especially if it’s going on a boat. Places with more humidity and wetness will require proper ventilation underneath your mattress to keep things dry. This will also prevent condensation from forming in the first place.

  • Personal Needs. Consider what you need in your own sleeping patterns, as well as your budget, to figure out the best kind of mattress is for you. Though you can certainly buy a pre-made mattress for your boat or RV, sometimes a custom mattress is best so you can get a bed that not only fits into the space but is also still comfortable enough for you to get a good night’s sleep in!

Pittsburgh Mattress has over 50 years of custom mattress experience. We offer expert advice, outstanding quality mattresses, excellent customer service, and affordable pricing, so you can get the perfect mattress, right when you need it. We also offer mattress delivery within a 25-mile radius. Visit our website to learn more or give us a call at (941) 729-7604 to get started today!



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