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Mattress Warranties: The Fine Print

If you are in the market for a new mattress, you are likely doing some research to figure out precisely what will be the best fit for you. As you consider what size, shape, and material you are looking for, you are also looking for a fantastic supplier from whom to purchase your mattress. But before you head out to the store to find your perfect sleep solution, be sure to know what you are looking for when it comes to the fine print of mattress warranties as well.

Mattress warranties are important because they are a guarantee from your manufacturer that they will repair or replace a mattress's physical defects within a certain period. But these warranties can vary by brand, retailer, and model, so it is essential to understand the exact terms of the warranty for the mattress you are purchasing.

First, inquire about the length of the warranty. You will find a wide range in the length of mattress warranties, from five years to a lifetime! Be aware that the warranty length is not always equal to the expected lifespan of the mattress. In many cases, the mattress will give out from wear and tear long before the end of a warranty, so be sure to look at the quality of the mattress's materials and construction as a more critical factor in your decision-making process than the warranty.

Second, learn what a mattress warranty covers and does not cover. Often you will find that warranties will cover mattress manufacturing issues such as split seams, broken handles and damaged coils. BUT with the commonly made one sided mattresses (non- flippable) these days there is a threshold for warranty issues regarding sagging. It relates to a predetermined number of inches, before a company will replace your mattress. Mattress warranties do not cover user-inflicted damage, natural wear and tear, and dissatisfaction with the mattress's size, feel, or performance.

Finally, be aware that there are several reasons why the manufacturer can void a mattress warranty. If your mattress warranty is voided, it means that you have violated the warranty terms, and therefore the warranty is no longer valid. Some common reasons that cause your mattress warranty to be void include:

  • Removing the law tag

  • Transferring ownership of the mattress

  • Stains or discoloration

  • Customer misuse

  • Failure to support the mattress properly

  • Failure to flip or rotate the mattress on a specified schedule

Arm yourself with these general pieces of knowledge about mattress warranties as you head out on your search for your new sleep system. Remember that purchasing from a reputable company with high standards for quality is your best method for sleeping soundly on your new mattress for years to come.

If you are looking for a new, comfortable, and affordable mattress with warranties that you can trust because they still manufacture two sided mattresses , look no further than Pittsburgh Mattress Factory! With 50 years of experience making high-quality mattresses, you can buy with confidence, knowing that your custom mattress will be designed just for your needs at a factory-direct price. Contact Pittsburgh Mattress at (941) 729-7604, or visit our mattress factory at 2424 US Highway 301 in Ellenton to see how we build each mattress.


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