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To Flip or Not To Flip: Reversible vs Non-reversible Mattresses

Around 2006 - 2007 there was a shift in the mattress industry. Manufacturers moved on from the traditional double-sided mattress and started to focus their production on the single-sided, non-flip mattress. When shopping for a new mattress it’s important to look at all of your options and find a bed that is right for you.


A double-sided reversible mattress was the industry standard for many years for a reason. Manufacturers would build the mattress from the center core out so that each side can mirror the other in their materials. The center of these mattresses is typically a coil innerspring system surrounded by a couple of inches of soft materials such as cotton, wool, or a combination of the two.

Owning a double-sided mattress does have its advantages. After you have flipped your mattress, it allows the side that was just on top time to settle back into place. This procedure allows for more comfort when you flip it back in three to four months as the manufacturer suggests. Through proper maintenance and upkeep, a double-sided mattress will last longer than a non-reversible mattress. Pittsburgh Mattress Factory even offers a complimentary mattress turning service for their customers.


For the past 15 years or so, single-sided mattresses have been the industry standard. One advantage that comes from owning a single-sided mattress is that you don’t have to flip the mattress, however, it is suggested that you rotate the mattress head to toe every three to four months. Non-reversible mattresses also tend to be less expensive because you don’t get the same amount of raw materials. .

Non-reversible mattresses do have their disadvantages. Because you’re spending more time on one side in one spot, uneven wear might begin to show itself in the mattress. With that uneven wear and tear, single-sided mattresses typically don’t have as long of a lifespan as their reversible cousin.

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