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A loyal following of repeat customers doesn’t happen by accident. For over 50 years Pittsburgh Mattress Factory has been manufacturing and selling quality custom mattresses 
​at bargain prices.​ 

As the area’s ONLY MATTRESS MANUFACTURER we can build mattresses of virtually any shape or size. And best of all we can build a mattress designed just for your needs at a factory direct price.
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Innerspring Mattress
The innerspring mattress has been around since the 1930s. Despite newer mattress types like memory foam and latex beds entering the scene, traditional innerspring beds still make up two-thirds of overall mattress sales today.

Innerspring mattresses have earned their staying power due to their affordability and their ability to support a variety of sleepers, including stomach sleepers, individuals with back pain, and overweight individuals. However, newer mattress types have addressed some of the main complaints surrounding innerspring beds, such as their tendency to sag, short lifespan, noisiness, and lack of motion isolation.

Learn more about the different types of innerspring beds available, the pros and cons, and what you need to know as a consumer to buy the best bed for your needs.

Innerspring mattresses generally last for at least 7 to 10 years, but they sometimes last longer. As expected, the. Better-quality mattresses are made from better (and more expensive) materials and carry longer consumer warranties
Adjustable Beds
Pittsburgh Mattress Factory has therapeutically developed a sleep system to relieve the stresses and strains of today’s hectic lifestyles. We manufacture a fully adjustable, electronic bed with an infinite amount of positions to raise your legs, elevate your feet and head, and find you a healthier night’s rest.

These adjustable beds offer relief from swollen legs and feet, as well as lower and upper back pain hiatal hernias. Relief from chronic breathing difficulties and cardiovascular discomfort could be just a good night’s sleep away. For people with mobility limitations, these beds raise their backs to a sitting position for easy transfer to a wheel chair and for aching muscles. Nothing feels better than a massage. These Beds are available in all standard sizes

Best Use For...

Real Box Spring Foundations
Metal Box Spring provides simple, strong, and durable support for your mattress. It is made of durable, bed bug resistant steel, and comes with a soft polyester coverlet, giving it a more bed-friendly look while providing additional support for your mattress.

Unlike many of our competitors we build coil spring box springs to provide additional support and extend the life of your mattress
Latex Mattresses
The Pittsburgh Mattress Factory offers a complete line of latex foam, memory foam and 100% virgin polyurethane foam mattresses in every shape and size. Foam mattresses offer a wide choice of comfort. They can be made of a solid core of foam or several layers of different types of foam laminated together. Foam mattresses can also be made with each half being a different compression to accommodate couples who need different degrees of firmness. 

Latex mattresses are among the most popular types of mattress because of their durability and comfort. Latex conforms to your body more generally than memory foam, and bounces back quickly.
Custom Mattresses
The Pittsburgh Mattress Factory will construct a custom innerspring or foam mattress to any size, shape or dimension. Our custom sets are available in every firmness and are available for RVs, boats, antiques, beds, water beds, electric beds, health care beds and more.

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