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Adjustable Beds: A Home Run or A Strike Out?

You see them advertised during sporting events, with a notable professional athlete reassuring you that it is the best sleep he or she ever gets prior to the big game. You may have seen local demonstrations of them at malls or convention centers for you to try. If you do, you generally walk away at least considering picking one up.

Adjustable beds are the most notable way to sleep alongside your partner while simultaneously sleeping independently from them. The ability to sleep propped up is said to alleviate snoring, back pain, and a multitude of other ailments that set in as you rest overnight.

Yet much like every innovative mattress out there, there will always be pros and cons to something that has been engineered to solve all problems with a specific activity. Our sleep experts here at Pittsburgh Mattress Factory specialize in your circadian rhythm, so let’s explore both a major pro and con of adjustable beds here!

Positive Pain Relief

One of the most notable pros to adjustable beds praised by users of adjustable beds is pain relief. For those that suffer neck pain, back pain, arthritis, and more, being able to sleep in an elevated position has been proven to alleviate these issues over time.

There is also a preventative care benefit to electronic bed positioning with an adjustable bed: lumbar support. When an individual sits in bed using their laptop, watching TV, or playing video games, usually plopping pillows behind your back does nothing for lumbar support.

Being in a seated position in bed with adequate lumbar support will prevent back problems, and having lower back support while sleeping keeps your spine in a healthy position. Too often, back pain radiates from laying improperly on a plethora of pillows.

Minor Hiccups

The pitfalls of an adjustable bed have become scarce, the biggest one being mechanical issues. These issues are readily resolved when you purchase direct from Pittsburgh Mattress Factory. Our team of manufacturers/technicians are LOCAL and can respond to any issues very quickly.

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