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Getting a Good Night Sleep in Your Recreational Vehicle

Spending time in your boat or recreational vehicle (RV) means that you are on vacation and ready to relax! You have switched on your out-of-office on your email, and you are eager for some downtime with your family. Your days might be filled with fun and adventure, but when you return to your RV, you deserve a good night’s sleep. After all, you are on vacation!

First, make sure to set up your sleep environment as close to how it would be at home. Invest in quality sheets, blankets, pillows, and even pajamas to keep you comfortable. Additionally, try to create a similar sleep schedule and bedtime routine as you do at home. For example, brush your teeth, drink some tea, or read a book if those are nighttime rituals for you.

Second, consider the lighting options in your home away from home. You might decide to switch out the standard blinds to room darkening shades. Otherwise, you can bring a sleep mask to wear to keep unwanted light from entering your sleeping quarters and waking you. If you or your kids use a nightlight when sleeping, remember to pack a battery-operated night light to use in the evenings.

Next, prepare for environmental variables that make sleeping in your boat or RV different from sleeping at home. If you are camping, you might want to plan for a fan or sound machine to drown out the noise of other campers. Some campers even bring earplugs to wear while they sleep. Sleep soundly on your boat by securing items that might roll around in the rocky nighttime waters. Finally, you may want to have bug spray on hand for those pesky bugs that sneak into your dwelling and try to keep you up at night.

Perhaps the most significant change you can make is investing in a custom mattress for your recreational vehicle. Let’s be honest, most boats and RVs don’t come with the most comfortable beds. You might try to add a cozy mattress topper or special sheets, but if your hips are still digging into the plywood underneath the mattress or you are not sleeping soundly, it is time to consider another solution!

If you sleep in your RV or boat often, it is worth upgrading to a nicer mattress. RV and boat mattresses don’t typically come in standard sizes, but did you know that having a custom mattress made is an easy and affordable option? You’ll be surprised how much better you sleep, and your back will surely thank you in the morning!

The Pittsburgh Mattress Factory will construct a custom innerspring or foam mattress to any size, shape, or dimension. Our custom sets come in every firmness and are available for RVs, boats, antique beds, electric beds, health care beds, and more. So stop in or give us a call at (941) 729-7604 today!



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