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History and Evolution of the Innerspring Mattress

It’s no secret that humans need sleep in order to live happy, healthy lives. So finding the right mattress where you sleep is one of the most important things you could do. The historically most popular mattress choice for many has been, and may always be, the innerspring mattress. Though they can be made with many different materials, at its core, an innerspring mattress has metal support coils that make up the base of the bed to create the bounce and springiness most mattresses have. Latex and memory foam can be used for comfort, performance, and durability as well.

History of the Mattress and Evolution of the Innerspring Mattress

  • 3000 BCE: First Mattress is created from wood, stone, and wool by the Ancient Egyptians.

  • Medieval Period (5th-14th Century): Mattresses begin being stuffed with down feathers by the wealthy, and hay for poorer citizens.

  • Renaissance Period (15th-18th Century): Mattresses are relatively the same, but bed frames and bed posts get gradually more ornate. This eventually led to the creation of the bedroom, where an entire room was dedicated just to a large bed, rather than putting it in the middle of the room.

  • 1857: The first steel coil was developed and patented for chair support.

  • 1871: Heinrich Westphal created the first innerspring mattress with steel coils.

  • 1930’s: People began sleeping on the innerspring mattress system that we know today.

Benefits of the Innerspring Mattress

  • Temperature. If you’re a hot sleeper, then an innerspring mattress is a great option for you. The spaces between the coils inside of your mattress increase airflow, regulating the temperature and keeping you cooler throughout the night. Just keep in mind: some innerspring mattresses have pillow or memory foam tops, which will decrease airflow and could make you warmer than you think.

  • Bounce. The spring coils create a lot of bounce in the innerspring mattress, creating a more “on top” of the bed feeling, rather than an “in the bed” feeling. This will be great for back sleepers who need more support. It’s also good for combination sleepers who tend to move around to different positions-- not only is it comfortable, but you’ll have a lot of mobility to change positions as well.

  • Durability. Steel coils are famous for lasting a while, so innerspring mattresses are known for being incredibly durable. However, make sure the rest of the materials in the mattress are also durable, and that you have a good warranty on whatever mattress you choose to buy.

  • Cost. Innerspring mattresses, while not necessarily a “cheap” purchase, are great value and are cheaper than other mattresses on the market like memory foam.

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