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How to Extend the Life of Your Mattress

A mattress is a considerable investment. Not only do you spend a lot of time researching the best options for you and your sleep preferences, but you invest a lot of your hard-earned money in your new mattress. So, it is understandable that when you make the purchase, you are hopeful that you picked a quality mattress that will keep you sleeping comfortably for years to come. Let's look at some of the things you can do once you get that mattress home to extend the life of your mattress.

Protect your investment and sleep well on your new mattress with these cleaning and maintenance tips.

Proper Support

Preserve the integrity of materials and prevent wear with a good quality actual coil box spring. Box springs have some give to them. They are designed to be shock absorbers and do 60% of the work of the mattress. Also, ensure that your bed has a center support bar if it uses a frame. Finally, check the supports yearly to ensure nothing is broken or cracked.

Use a Mattress Protector

From day one, cover your mattress with a quality mattress protector; it is one of the easiest ways to protect it from accidental spills and stains. Your mattress protector will also keep your skin oils and sweat off the bed's surface and reduce the build-up of allergens like dust mites and mold.

Rotate the Mattress Regularly

While you might hear it is unnecessary, rotating the mattress helps decrease the wear of specific sections of your mattress. Better yet, purchase a two-sided mattress that you can flip regularly. A double-sided mattress has incredible benefits and value. It allows the side that was just on top time to settle back into place. As the manufacturer suggests, this procedure provides more comfort when you flip it around in three to four months. In addition, a double-sided mattress will last longer than a non-reversible mattress through proper maintenance and upkeep.

No Monkeys Jumping on the Bed!

Mom wasn't wrong on this one. Don't let the kids jump on the bed. The force of the jumping can cause the mattress material, frame, and box spring to wear more quickly.

Shine a Light on Your Mattress

When the weather is sunny and dry every couple of months, uncover your mattress and let it bask in the sun. The sunlight will help to air out the bed, preventing excess moisture from sleepers and humidity.

Follow the Manufacturer's Directions

Many manufacturers offer specific directions for the care and cleaning of their beds. While different brands may have suggestions that vary slightly, many are very similar.

Keep the mattress clean, protect it from accidents, support the bed, and rotate it for even wear. Following these tips will leave you sleeping soundly for years on your new mattress.

The Pittsburgh Mattress Factory is proud to create US-made, high-quality custom mattresses for you and your family. With over 50 years of experience, we provide expert advice along with custom mattresses built right here in our factory. Making your mattress purchase at The Pittsburgh Mattress Factory gives you the peace of mind that you have selected a bed with outstanding quality and craftsmanship made right here in the United States. So stop in or call us at (941) 729-7604 today!




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