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Sleep Hygiene

Have you ever found yourself lying in bed in the middle of the night, willing yourself to fall asleep? You are desperate for a solid night's sleep, but sleep alludes you, only to fall a

sleep right before your alarm clock rings. Unfortunately, far too many people can relate to this feeling and the subsequent exhaustion that follows you through the day after being up most of the night.

It's no secret that poor sleep is linked to adverse effects on physical performance, brain function, and hormone levels. Recently, it has even been a documented cause of obesity and increased disease risk.

The good news is, if this scenario sounds all-to-familiar to you, there are things you can do to improve your sleep. Sleep hygiene is a popular term that refers to healthy sleep habits. It is crucial for your mental and physical health, and good sleep hygiene can significantly improve your quality of life. Here are a couple of ways to improve your sleep hygiene and, in turn, your quality of life.

Create a Sleep Schedule

· A set schedule will normalize sleep as a critical part of your day, training your body and brain to get accustomed to getting the full amount of sleep you need.

· Have a fixed wake-up time.

· Make sleep a priority. Putting work, studying, or socializing first is easy, but rest is essential for wellness.

· If you nap, keep it short and early in the day. Better yet, save sleeping for nighttime!

Prepare a Nightly Routine

· A solid nightly routine will help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

· Plan to wind down for about 30 minutes with a relaxing activity like stretching, reading, or listening to music.

· Dim your lights to slow melatonin production and support your circadian rhythm.

· Power down your electronics about 30 to 60 minutes before bed.

Incorporate Strong Daytime Habits

While your bedtime routine is crucial to getting a great night's sleep, you can also do things during the daytime to support your circadian rhythm and limit sleep disruptions.

· Get plenty of sunlight to help regulate your circadian rhythm.

· Exercise regularly to improve a variety of health conditions.

· Cut down on caffeine, especially in the afternoon and evening.

· Eat dinner a couple of hours before bed, giving your body time to digest your meal while awake.

· Reduce alcohol consumption. While alcohol can make it easier to fall asleep, it disrupts sleep patterns.

Optimize Your Environment

· Reduce noise disruptions by using ear blogs or a white noise machine.

· Install heavy curtains or use an eye mask to prevent light from sneaking into your space to wake you.

· Keep your bedroom at a cool temperature.

· Use comfortable bedding that matches your personal preference.

· Make sure the surface you sleep on promotes sleep. If your mattress is old or damaged, replace it with a quality custom two-sided mattress.

Pittsburgh Mattress Factory knows how important it is to get a high-quality mattress that will last for a long time. For 50 years, customers have relied on our experience making high-quality mattresses to help you get a good night's sleep. Buy confidently, knowing your custom mattress will be designed just for your needs at a factory-direct price.

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