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The Benefits of a Factory-Direct Mattress

You’ve heard the term “cut out the middleman,” but do you really know why it is a common mantra in retail? When purchasing a new mattress, following this advice means working with a factory-direct mattress retailer instead of the big box stores. Discover why cutting out the middleman will get you a superior mattress and have a better experience overall.

Customized Mattress

When you purchase a factory direct mattress, you get to consult with the very same people who make your mattress. Think of it this way: would you rather buy a mattress from an expert on mattresses, and who actually makes it? Or would you prefer to buy from a person who has never made a mattress, seen one made, and simply has a list of talking points on the merits of the mattress? When you shop directly at the mattress factory, you benefit from the expertise of the mattress maker.

Additionally, your factory direct mattress purchase allows you to select precisely what you want. You can choose the materials, thickness, and even size of your new mattress, guaranteeing you the perfect sleep experience on your new mattress.

Superior Pricing

When you purchase a factory-direct mattress, the mattress maker cuts out the middleman and passes the savings to you. Most big-box mattress retailers are middlemen. So they buy mattresses from mattress makers, often at wholesale pricing, and then mark them up to make a profit without adding any value for you. When you work directly with your mattress maker, they make and sell the mattress to you. Therefore, you pay a cost closer to the actual price of the mattress.

You will also save money long-term when you purchase a factory-direct mattress. Your custom-made mattress should last you over a decade, so you’ll save time, money, and headache with this investment. In addition, because it is made by individuals that have a true passion for their craft, your new mattress will provide remarkable value to you.

Support Local Business

As a member of our community, your local mattress factory strives to go above and beyond for its customers. When you work with a factory-direct mattress team, you buy from a team that likely lives and works in your community rather than a major mattress retailer with no true investment in your community. Supporting a local business means purchasing from a company committed to personalized service when buying your new mattress.

If you are looking for a superior quality mattress with a company committed to customer satisfaction, trust The Pittsburgh Mattress Factory with your purchase. We will construct a custom innerspring or foam mattress to any size, shape, or dimension. Our custom sets are available in every firmness and are available for RVs, boats, antique beds, electric beds, health care beds, and more. So stop in or call us at (941) 729-7604 today!




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